What is it? This experiential and immersive model is the first of its kind to use festivals as classrooms to activate an arts-focused approach to resilience and emergency preparedness. People who set up festivals are skilled at creating temporary cities with all of the necessary infrastructure such as water, waste, power, and structures. When we gather together to share our expertise, we elevate the safe, sustainable, accessible, and community-minded outcomes of events in our communities.

Ultimate Goal: Perhaps the greater, and longer-term benefit of these AOMG symposiums and workshops is that it embodies the “whole community” approach to resilience. This is an opportunity for those skilled in mass gatherings to share knowledge, join networks, and prepare to assist their own communities if impacted by emergency, disaster, or long-term changes in climate.

Who is it for? Everyone involved in events – performers, organizers, promoters, city staff, emergency responders, engineers, planners, vendors, audiences, and even the public – can attend trainings. The AOMG provides an opportunity where more diverse stakeholders can participate in community resilience.

AOMG is revolutionary:
Providing clear understanding of the myriad systems involved in events can optimize outcomes in times of celebration and crisis. A simple concept, but one that can change the course of event production and emergency preparedness, AOMG uses experiential learning in an immersive environment to encourage skill sharing by experts, collaboration across agencies, and activates artists and often marginalized populations to prepare to be leaders. Community resilience will rely on people who have been empowered to build knowledge, form networks and manage resources.


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